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 Master Course Syllabi

This site for Master Syllabi is now for HISTORICAL PURPOSES ONLY. Master course syllabi for current, active courses can be found at the CCAC Online Catalog Courses/ Master Syllabi.

Welcome to the Master Course Syllabi web site. This site houses syllabi for current credit and non credit courses offered at the Community College of Allegheny County.



Credit faculty and staff : Please note that this site is being continually updated as the Governance process creates new courses and updates existing credit courses. Courses that have been updated in the last three academic years are available on this site. The date to the right of the course title is the date it was added to the site. The syllabus itself indicates the date the College President approved the course.

Syllabi for courses that are active, but have not been recently reviewed, are available on the College’s U-drive. Faculty members who are not able to gain access to the U-drive, should contact their department for a copy of the needed syllabus.

External users : Staff from other institutions who need syllabi that are unavailable on this site may call the CCAC Registrar’s Office to secure the needed information. Registrar’s Office – 412-237-3186.

Credit courses carry academic credit in CCAC’s academic programs and are listed by academic disciplines. Credit courses syllabi include the discipline, course number, title, credits (semester hours), instructional methods, pre-requisites, co-requisites, learning outcomes and planned sequence of topics. Viewers can review program descriptions and requirements by linking to “Academics at CCAC”click here.

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